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Lubricate your instruments with an easy to use pen delivering lubricant only where you need it.

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We call this small but essential tool the Wunder Pen - wunder being from the German word for 'wonder' or 'miracle'. We think the name is very appropriate as this little pen is such a handy addition to your work.

The Wunder Pen is an instrument which will deliver oil for lubrication of surgical instruments prior to sterilisation. The pen will help prevent rusting, staining and tightness of your surgical instruments as well protecting against corrosion and oxidation. This way, the instruments are kept functional and a clean hinge action is maintained.

Here are some of the finer details of what our handy pen delivers -

  • Pinpoint oil delivery pen
  • No overspray – no wastage
  • Fine ø 0.7mm tip
  • Compact 12ml / 0.4oz
  • Water / Steam permeable
  • Heat resistance to 260°C
  • Sold individually

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